After becoming trapped in a sewer grate, a baby raccoon was res.cued. - Animals Paradise

After becoming trapped in a sewer grate, a baby raccoon was res.cued.

To release a raccoon, eleven firefighters worked for almost two hours. The poor thing got its head jammed in a sewer grate and was in a fairly rough spot!

The Newton Fire Department in Massachusetts received a call about a trapped raccoon, and they were prepared for a difficult rеscuе. Firefighters had to use extreme caution because any slip-up could have caused dаngеr to the crew or possibly the confused animal. But this wasn’t the first time the fireman crew had to handle a similar circumstance.

Image credits NewtonFireDepartment/Twitter

According to Capt. Eric Fricke of the Newton Fire Department, “We despatched our rеscuе company.” They are equipped with the knowledge and know-how to liberate people from objects.

The unfortunate raccoon was stuck there for an unknown amount of time, therefore the rеscuе crew had a 24-hour task. A rider saw the frightened animal and alerted the authorities.

Image credits NewtonFireDepartment/Twitter

Setting the raccoon free proved to be more difficult than anticipated. The fireman attempted to remove the raccoon by using soap at first, but it was unsuccessful. So they took out the grate, and after getting the go-ahead from a team of animal rеscuеrs, they tranquilized the animal.


The raccoon ultimately required sedation in order for it to unwind sufficiently, according to Capt. Fricke. It took over two hours to rеscuе the poor raccoon since it resisted the entire procedure. The captain continued, “Everybody’s just thrilled that there was a great conclusion and they were able to bring him out.”

On Twitter, the fire department praised the rеscuе. They tweeted, “It was quite the operation. “Always ready to assist our four-legged pals! “, the tweet continues.