Bear is living his finest life now, after 25 years in the circus. - Animals Paradise

Bear is living his finest life now, after 25 years in the circus.

A brown bear can live for about 30 years. Toshka, a destitute man, worked in the circus for 25 years. Toshka was sаvеd and now lives in a great location with other bears who have experienced similar things after spending virtually his whole life in a small cage. The bear spent the majority of his life traveling and entertaining audiences across the nation as a circus animal. Toshka is content and contented as he lives out his “retirement” years.

Toshka may be seen ecstatic about his new home in the woods in a recent video. He takes long showers and likеs to spend time in the sun. When queried about the bear’s status by Daily Mail, the caretaker responded, “Most of his life he was a circus bear, and it was transferred by the last owner to us for rehabilitation and life support.”

He was initially quite frightened of people when he first came at the institution. He spent his first three weeks lurking in the bushes and avoiding all human interaction. He decided to come out and form bonds with the other bears after realizing that caregivers were there to support him. He now spends the entire day swimming and “tanning” in the sun because he wants attention.