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A stray dog in the snow keeps orphaned kittens warm.

While a Good Samaritan was traveling on a bitterly cold night in Ontario, Canada over the weekend, she became aware of something that caused her to stop and offer assistance.

A stray dog was huddled up and shaking on the side of the road as the temperature dropped.

Despite this, she was not by herself.


The dog wasn’t merely thinking about herself when she looked for a more secure place to spend the night, despite the fact that she may have been concerned about her own safety.

Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that the adorable dog had wrapped herself around five orphaned kittens, which she was cuddling in order to keep warm despite the frigid conditions.

The Good Samaritan, on the other hand, was able to save all of them by transferring them to the center that rescues pets and wildlife. However, at that point, the dog and the kittens had developed an incredible affinity to one another.


The facts of this case made one thing very clear to the people working for the rescue organization: the dog had been the one to save the lives of the kittens.

According to a statement given to The Dodo by a spokesman for the shelter, “It’s really heartwarming!” “It had been a particularly cold night, and these kittens would have had a hard time surviving,” said the narrator.

The kittens are safe for the time being, but they will require treatment for fleas and worms. In the meantime, the caring stray dog who saved them continues to check up on them on a daily basis, as if she were a proud mother monitoring her children’s development.


It is still a mystery where the dog and the kittens originated from, as well as whether or not they were acquainted with one another before to that fatal night. Pet and Wildlife Rescue is making efforts to locate their owners; but, if they are unsuccessful, the animals will be made available for adoption.

Source: dailyphew.com