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Once the world’s saddest dog, her transformation is amazing!

A stray dog in Romania appeared to be pleading to be saved as it climbed up on top of a wire cage shortly after an animal rescue group arrived at the city pound there.

The dog was in such a poor condition that if she remained in the pound in that state, she would eventually pass away from starvation. After seeing into her tearful eyes, the people who came to her aid immediately recognized what needed to be done.

Dogs were forced to compete for food because they were confined in dirty kennels with one another and because there was never enough food to go around. However, given the dog’s circumstances, there was absolutely no possibility of its survival.

She only weighted 9 pounds, which was significantly less than what she ought to have weighed. In addition to the fact that her ribs were visible, she suffered from a number of other serious issues.

“She is suffering from anemia and dehydration, has lost a large amount of muscle mass and body fat, and has a very low level of proteins in her blood.” The little bit of food that she was able to take was really being eaten by the parasites that were living inside of her digestive tract, which caused her to become even weaker. Her already delicate body was completely infested with fleas, which caused her to itch and scrape nonstop. In addition, it was determined that she had otodectic mange as well as ear infections; she also had scars on her ears and an infected wound on her tail, according to the rescue.

The rescue organization gave her the name Anna and took her to the veterinarian right away. They started by giving her fluids and amino acids, and after that they filled a bowl with kibble for her to eat. She quickly consumed all of the food. After that, she was placed in a foster family so that she could get better.

As each day passed without a relapse in her health, the spark of hope returned to her eyes, and she blossomed into a caring and gregarious person. She had her first experience with love, and as a result, she felt an overwhelming desire to share that feeling with everyone she met.

Anna was eventually adopted by a wonderful family who lived in New York after they heard her story. She has made a full recovery and is now considered a member of the family. She ensures that she will have a joyful life by engaging in play with her canine sibling, Dakota, on a daily basis.

Source: dailyphew.com