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One man won’t leave Afghanistan until he knows his crew and animals are secure.

Pen Farthing, a veteran of the Royal Navy in the United Kingdom, established the nonprofit organization Nowzad in 2007, and since that time, he has devoted his life to assisting thousands of animals in need.

Due to the unstable situation in Afghanistan, Pen is currently engaged in a frenzied race to save both her animals and the local staff who work for her.

The facilities that Nowzad maintains in Kabul are currently home to over 25 Afghan employees as well as over 200 animals that have been rescued. As a consequence of this, Pen has been extremely motivated to get rid of them since she is concerned about the uncertain future they face in this nation.

Pen is quoted as saying the following in iNews:

It is urgent that I get them out of this place as quickly as I can. I’m not going to abandon you. Everyone, including me, is frightened about what lies ahead in the future.


Despite the difficulty of the situation, the former marine has begun the fundraising effort known as Operation Ark in the hopes of amassing enough money to pay for the evacuation, writes

The individual’s goal is to raise a total of $200,000 so that he can purchase a cargo jet and travel to the United Kingdom. However, in order to finish the complex legal procedures that are necessary to grant permission for Afghan personnel to enter the country, he enlists the assistance of his political supporters to assist him.


According to a number of media outlets, the Foreign Minister allegedly called Pen to offer aid, although there is no official confirmation of this claim. In addition to that, the person wants all of the families of the people who work for him to leave the region, as well as the vast majority of the animals who live there.


Pen also added:

“Every one of my employees has a daughter around the age of adolescence, and I have no idea what will happen to the Afghan ladies…”


The following is an observation that Pen made:

“I’m ashamed to admit that I’m from the United Kingdom.” This is a case study on how to completely destabilize a nation with the help of the western world.


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