When a shelter dog is finally adopted after 6 years, he receives the sweetest farewell. - Animals Paradise

When a shelter dog is finally adopted after 6 years, he receives the sweetest farewell.

Stevie was spotted wandering around a year old and taken to Dogtown SA. He was immediately sociable and affectionate with both people and other dogs. His new shelter friends expected him to find his forever home quickly, but that was not the case.

Stevie had been passed over continuously for six years, and no one knew why.


“[It] was always a mystery to us,” Elanza Kloppers, the adoptions manager at Dogtown SA, told The Dodo. Stevie met multiple potential families, but for some reason, each time a different dog was chosen. Many of his housemates were adopted throughout the years, so we never gave up hope that Stevie would be adopted as well. Being black also didn’t help because black dogs are typically overlooked in shelters.

Stevie and his rescuers never gave up hope that his ideal family existed somewhere out there, and they were correct.


“I couldn’t wait to tell the team when I finally got word from the adopter that Stevie was the one,” Kloppers said. They were overjoyed! It eventually came true for our youngster. We’ve all been wishing and praying for so long. I instantly told our volunteers, who were taken aback by the news. Everyone was overjoyed for Stevie. It was great to watch.

When it was determined that Stevie was the ideal dog for them, the team quickly began planning to adopt him into a permanent home. Stevie had been in the shelter for so long that everyone on the staff had learned to love him as if he were their own dog.

According to Kloppers, “all of our adoptions are unique,” but “some are absolutely remarkable.” “There have been one or two adoptions that have genuinely stood out over the years, and we have always had a special farewell for those creatures.” Everyone on the squad wanted to wish him well and bid him farewell.

Stevie was overjoyed as he proceeded down the row of his ecstatic friends. He looked to be aware that it was a special day, and he was pleased that all of his pals had come to say good-by. It was the most beautiful day Stevie had ever experienced.


“Stevie wagged his tail and said a special goodbye to everyone,” Kloppers said. He has grown to adore our team, and I believe he was overjoyed to see all of his favorite people cheering him on and wishing him luck. It was a very emotional day for all of us. Stevie got into the car with his customary wiggle bum, as if he realized his day had finally come. He joyfully stepped into the car, cozy in his favorite jacket and surrounded by his favorite friends.

Source: dailyphew.com