For three hours, he holds on to his horse to keep it from drowning in quicksand. - Animals Paradise

For three hours, he holds on to his horse to keep it from drowning in quicksand.

A woman’s affection for her horse became apparent as she became aware that she might lose him forever. She closely clung to him in an effort to save him from sinking in the quicksand. The success of this rescue has brought many people to tears.

Accidents can happen at any time, and a day of enjoyment and fun could rapidly become tragic.

However, not all of these situations result in tragedy because cooperation and true love enable the most amazing recoveries.

On this day, an Australian woman from Melbourne gave everything she had to help the people she cared about.

Just outside of Melbourne, Nicole Graham took her kids and horses for a stroll at Geerlong Beach. Up until the tide knocked them off course, everything appeared to be going swimmingly.

The women got mired in the mud while they were riding their horses along the edge of the shore.

By the time Nicole and her daughter were able to stand up, the girl’s horse had already fallen to the ground. Astro, however, was helpless to free himself from this mucky net.

The horse made vain attempts to escape the situation, but each time it succeeded, the problem got trickier.

Nicole remained by Astro’s side even though it was difficult for her to help him and manage to move a beast weighing more than 450 kilos. Astro sank in front of Nicole’s bewildered gaze, and she made an effort to comfort him.

Nicole has always owned horses, and she currently has 10 under her care. She frequently takes her horses for walks on the beach, but this was the first time she had a similar experience.

The woman has now realized how hazardous some terrains may be, but she has also proven her devotion to her animals.