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When a missing dog is finally reunited with his father, he sobs.

Having a family member go missing is one of the most terrible and upsetting things that can happen.

We struggle to picture the sorrow and anxiety Rustico Samson Jr. and his family had when their cherished dog, Coco, vanished from their house.

The dog, a resident of the Philippines, vanished from the home one day, and despite his family’s best efforts, weeks passed before they found him.

Rustico Samson Jr.

Samson admitted in an emotional interview with The Dodo: “I cried. There was a great deal of misery and suffering. More than just a pet, Coco. He’s a relative.

Every day for months, Samson and his family looked for Coco, but they were unsuccessful. As time went on, the likеlihood that they would ever find their cherished dog again decreased.

But they never Iоst hope in spite of this.

They were going to attempt as long as there was even a remote possibility that they could locate Coco.

Rustico Samson Jr.

They would never abandon Coco since he was family.

Samson continued to search the city for any indication of Coco.

Rustico Samson Jr.

He occasionally found himself in tears as he sought, but he never allowed himself to lose hope.

All of his buddies were tasked with keeping a watch out for Coco, and one day he received word that Coco had been found.

When Samson learned that a dog resembling Coco had been spotted in a parking garage, it had been three months since Coco had vanished.

Samson hurried over and recognized the dog laying on the ground as his beloved Coco the moment he saw it.

The young dog could scarcely believe his eyes when Coco noticed Samson. He approached Samson and sobbed his little heart out, completely overcome.

He wagged his small tail and sobbed and whimpered with joy at being reunited with his father.

In a short clip of the joyful reunion, you can hear Samson’s voice filled with pure love and happiness. Samson was also overcome with excitement and relief.

Watch the incredibly emotional reunion here.

Source: justsomething.co