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Pit Bull Who Loves Cats Finally Gets The Feline Family He’s Always Wanted

Ozzy was adopted by a family in southern California made up of three children, two adults, and Norm the cat.
Actually, the pit bull and the cat had always had a particular connection for one another. The amiable dog did everything he could to win Norm over, but the cat just wasn’t having it.

Despite not getting the interaction he wanted with the cat, the dog had plenty of other things to occupy his attention.

Ozzy loves children and is so sweet that he rushes up to every stroller he sees and just wants to kiss the children inside. But Ozzy was about to realize his greatest wish.

Jennifer Lajeniss made the decision to take in Winnie, a pregnant neighborhood cat. The longer the cat had been living on the streets, the more concerned Jennifer had become about it.

Ozzy was in heaven as Winnie gave birth to 5 kittens in the end!

He was able to locate his cat family at last! Ozzy is without a doubt the best uncle. Every time he hears the cats weeping, he becomes worried and begins to comfort and nurture them.

Winnie likes Ozzy just as much as the cats do their pit bull uncle. She exudes extreme gratitude to him for helping to take care of her children. She occasionally can be seen rubbing against Ozzy.

Eventually, foster homes will be available for four of the kittens. But Winnie and one of her kids, Troublemaker, are staying down here.

The adorable pit dog will undoubtedly survive while remaining in tune with his amazing cat family, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are overjoyed that Ozzy decided to show his feline friends all of his love.

Source: pawmypets.com