In Iraq, a soldier and puppy fall in love and reunite after a month. - Animals Paradise

In Iraq, a soldier and puppy fall in love and reunite after a month.

Living in a war-torn country away from home is frightening and lonely.

One soldier found that a new companion made his time in the field much more bearable. It wasn’t until one day that the soldier had to part ways with his companion, and the thought of doing so devastated his heart.

In Iraq, Ken Wyrsch came upon a stray dog not far from an army installation. As soon as Ken laid eyes on the puppy, he called Ollie, he felt an overwhelming sense of relief and contentment. After meeting Ollie, several of the other soldiers stationed on the base fell in love with him as well. He was such an incredible asset to the team that was always pulling their weight.

Ollie would wait on the base for the soldiers to return from their missions and would do so with a great deal of anticipation. The troops were reminded that there is a world and life beyond the vacuum in which they were living when they were able to “come home” to his wagging tail and hairy hugs from the dog.

After after, Ken was given some upsetting information. The military base was in the process of being shut down. In spite of the fact that it was a relief that he would be returning to his home in California, the closure of the base meant that Ollie would most likely be living on the streets again. Ollie is unable to accompany Ken on a flight directly back to their hometown due to the stringent customs restrictions.

Ollie would have no choice but to fend for himself in this environment, which did not give a hoot about the fact that he was kind, kind, and loyal. In point of fact, his behavior is the kind of thing that would probably get him killed. Therefore, Ken reached out to the SPCA International to inquire about the options available.

One month later, following the receipt of numerous benevolent contributions, Ken and Ollie were reunited with one another. Their get-together is so uplifting that I needed to watch it a second time.

It was Ken who put it best when he remarked, “You never abandon a friend.” Which of them is correct! The film that follows will walk you through their journey, as well as their reunion.