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Fawns Meet Deer Mother’s Best Friend, a Golden Retriever

The relationship between this golden retriever and this deer has lasted for the past eleven years. And just like any other close friend, this doe mother couldn’t wait to brag about her newest additions to the herd to him, writes dogdispatch.com

There is no other friendship quite like the one shared by G-Bro the golden retriever and Buttons the deer. The two have spent their entire lives together, and despite the fact that Buttons is a wild deer that has been rehabilitated, she still visits G-Bro and spends time with him. She even lets him meet her fawns.

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Buttons has returned with her two newborn fawns and G-Bro is seeing them for the very first time in this video. Buttons is introducing her fawns to G-Bro for the very first time. The new arrival of the fawns is an exciting time for the whole family, but G-Bro is particularly struck with the adorable qualities of the young deer.

From the very first moment that they meet, he treats them with a great deal of kindness and consideration. He has a lot of fun playing with them but is very careful that they don’t get damaged in any way. Buttons has complete faith in her best friend’s ability to co-parent her children since he takes on the role of a surrogate mother.

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G-Bro is the fawns’ huge, fluffy companion, and he entertains them by laying in the grass, rolling around with them, licking them, sniffing them all over, and playing with them. They are all connected by a really unusual and sweet friendship that the three of them have. Buttons is so kind that he even brings the fawns back to visit him once a year.

Since a very long time ago, the dog and the deer have had a strong relationship. They did so in close proximity. They have become more like family than friends over the years. This connection was established when Buttons was still young despite the fact that the family had to treat her for an injury and then release her back into the wild afterward.

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Since then, the two have never been apart from one another. G-Bro sits still for Buttons to clean him and give him kisses all the way up and down his back because he enjoys being showered with affection by her. In all honesty, it’s possible that he harbors some resentment toward the fact that the other fawns get licks but he does not.

As is customary amongst closest friends, Buttons just knocks on G-door Bro’s and announces her intention to pay him a visit. She will even paw at it while she waits with bated breath for it to open so that the dog may join her outside and play. Hiking, playing, and even chasing one other in the snow are some of their favorite winter activities.

Source: dogdispatch.com