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Bear, who was so sad and lonely that she lost her fur, is now thriving.

A bear named Cholita left the wild seven years ago after spending her entire life in captivity. She had been stolen as a cub and sold to a traveling circus and later a zoo. Until Animal Defenders International (ADI) intervened and moved her to a habitat in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, she had spent most of her time in a small cage watching life pass her by.

But before all happened, the spectacled bear had Iоst all her hair from loneliness and worry.

Since then, a lot has changed, and Cholita is the happiest person in the world about it.

ADI posted on Facebook, “We prepared an oxygen tent for her at altitude because we were so аnxiоus about her health during her travel over the Andes.” “Seven years later, it is clear how well she has flourished in her original habitat.”

Cholita’s life has changed significantly from how it was in the past. Due to her thick skin, her fur might never grow back, but her naturally playful personality has now had an opportunity to emerge.

ADI continued, “It is difficult to know Cholita and not adore her.


The kind bear has gained thousands of fans all across the world because to her consistent presence on ADI’s social media accounts. Fans of Cholita adore catching her in her favorite hammock, a natural woodland enclosure, a cave, or a swimming pool.

“This week, in honor of Halloween, our lovely Queen of the Forest is looking forward to carving melons and tons of extra fruit!

“ADI wrote on Facebook in a different post.


Cholita has experienced a lot, but at the estimated age of 30, she is prospering in her natural environment where she is able to eat grapes, one of her favorite foods in the entire world.

According to Jan CreamerADI, President of ADI, “the rеscuе of this extraordinary survival prompted government officials to rеscuе additional bears in Peru.” Cholita spends her busy days socializing with Dominga or Sabina who live next door, exploring her habitat, swimming in the pool, or sleeping in her cave.

Whatever occurred in the gentle bear’s past is irrelevant. Cholita is now secure and enjoying the life she has long deserved.