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Animals That Required Human Aid And Received It

People are capable of both their best and worst selves when around animals. Those who work in the field of search and rescue are among the most generous individuals on the face of the planet. Those who mistreat defenseless animals are the lowest of the bottom in society. Some people will pull over and provide assistance, while others will ignore the situation.

It is incomprehensible that humans are capable of such vicious behavior. Thankfully, there are those among us who care deeply and are willing to do everything it takes to save the life of a defenseless animal. For instance, these are the individuals who pull over when they see an injured dog on the side of the road, who make sure that abandoned kittens are delivered to a safe place, and who assist in finding new homes for animals that have been mistreated.

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Those that are looking are going to be disappointed to find that there is always some animal in need. The anguish that many different creatures go through appears to have no end in sight. However, the realization that the animals really do require their assistance and that they are responsible for saving a great number of lives is what keeps animal rescuers continuing.

Consider, for instance, the creatures shown in this video. Although not all of them have been abused as pets in the past, a significant number of them currently are. The fact that they all required human compassion in order to exist and that someone provided it for them is the thing that unites them all.

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There are a lot of instances, but some of them are very touching, like the one about the man who pulled over to the shoulder of the road to save a sweet dog and her puppies after she had been abandoned. Without assistance, there is no way they could have lived to tell the tale. Her sole transgression consisted in the fact that she had puppies because her owner did not spay her.

Then there is the horse whose owners were so careless with her that she ended up with hooves that looked like long horns that had grown too long. As soon as she is in a secure location, the human beings who came to her aid give her a bath and delicately care for her by trimming her terribly enlarged hooves. Their compensation was her eventual ability to start running again.

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The miraculous survival of a dog that was buried alive in the rubble of a blast is very heartwarming and demonstrates that miracles really occur. In spite of the gloomy prognosis of the situation, the people who were trying to save the puppy did not give up hope and continued to search amid the debris until they found it alive.

And then there’s Tarzan, a kitten who was almost strangled to death after being wrapped in twine and brought dangerously close to drowning. A compassionate veterinarian, despite the kitten’s seemingly hopeless situation, made every effort to preserve his life, which he ultimately was successful in doing.