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Mama Bear and her two cubs go swimming in the middle of the day in California.

By frolicking alongside swimmers in a California lake, a family of black bears demonstrated that humans aren’t the only ones that enjoy cooling down in the water.

When the temperature in South Lake Tahoe reached 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) one day, it’s simple to see why this particular family elected to take a bath.

The enormous mother bear and her three cubs were captured on camera by Jen Watkins, who was traveling to Pope Beach at the time of the strange event.

Jen told KCRA News that her child first saw the mother bear when it got into a fight with another person on a dog at the beach.

I suppose (the bear) had been outside before, she continued. Actually, it had begun to become quite hostile, safety of the cubs with a golden retriever.

The mother then planned a picnic for her family by snatching sandwich meat and a cooler from some humans and relocating right into the woods. Thankfully, neither the dog nor the cubs were hurt during the standoff.

The family headed back to the water after lunch, when the cubs were sighted swimming in the lake while startled onlookers watched from the sidelines.
We were all a little stunned, Jen said.

According to Newsweek, there are an estimated 25,000 to 35,000 black bears in California; residents of North and South Lake Tahoe have recently reported an increase in sightings. The family of black bears found at Pope Beach is only one of these bears.

Even though the mother bear was at Pope Beach and did not аttасk anyone, Lieutenant Nelson Resendes of the Placer County Sheriff’s Office has warned that the animals might be “very hazardous.”