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Neighbor Saved A Dog By Feeding It Through The Window After It Was Abandoned

After being aba.ndoned for several days, a Golden Retriever called Zai Zai was able to live thanks to the efforts of a neighbor. Because his owners were reportedly engrossed in the coronavirus crisis, the dog was left alone in his residence with no food or drink.

The dog initially appeared in the window frame, peering at her, according to the neighbor, surnamed Xu, who lives in an adjacent flat in Guangzhou.

She assumed there was no problem until she encountered the dog in the same spot three days later, looking hungry and unwell.

Xu instantly assumed the dog was alone, maybe because the coronavirus had confined its owners someplace.

Xu began feeding the dog the next day, employing an unconventional technique to have the food brought to his residence. She hung sausages and drink bottles from a clothesline pole and fed them to Zai Zai through the window bars.

The neighbor repeated the act six days in a succession while searching for the dog’s owners. Finally, it was discovered that the dog’s owners were imprisoned in Wuhan, unable to leave due to the city’s isolation.

The dog’s family fortunately alerted the building administration, who instructed them to access the unit and rescue the animal.

Although it’s unclear why the dog’s owner didn’t do this sooner, Zai Zai remained unharmed.

Zai Zai is currently residing in a local animal shelter, where he is receiving the care and nourishment he requires to recover. Not forgetting his friend, Xu often visits the shelter to meet him and inform him that he is doing fine.

The neighbor’s thoughtful gesture was captured on camera, and she published it on social media sites like Wiebo, where she received positive feedback.

Without a sure, the dog will be eternally grateful to Xu for assisting him in surviving and thereby saving his life.