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These Two Foster Cats Wont Let Go Of Each Other Paws

It’s difficult enough for the millions of homeless cats in U.S. shelters to find loving homes – but when two homeless cats are inseparable, finding a permanent home becomes even more difficult.
However, two cats in a Florida foster home have made it obvious that they will not be separated.

They even take each other’s paws in their hands.

Lily, the Siamese mix, and Rosa, the sleek black cat, looked intended to be together from the start.

Andrea Christian, a foster with St. Francis Society Animal Rescue, told The Dodo, “Rosa arrived to me… severely underweight and depressed.”

“A few days later, I got a call to accept another critically ill kitty who had been in ICU for approximately a week,” Christian explained. “Lily was discovered on the side of the road near Tampa… she resembled a skeleton.”

Christian, a seasoned foster for stray cats, got right to work making the newcomers feel comfortable and at ease.

Christian planned to introduce Lily to Rosa once she finished a course of antibiotics.

Christian said, “It was love at first scent!

The small black cat brought Lily a lot of luck, as she was still frail and had trouble walking. Toxoplasmosis was the cause of her illness, Christian stated.

Rosa, along with a course of hydrotherapy, seems to aid Lily in regaining her strength.

The two had been inseparable for the past few weeks. When one begins to investigate their foster home, the other follows closely after. When one of them takes a sleep, the other follows suit. When one goes for the food bowl, the other goes for the same food bowl, and the meal is occasionally usurped.

“They’re still hesitant,” Christian said, but she’s seen the greatest friends encouraging one another to be courageous. “They’re now getting out into the main population during the day with the other fosters, which is big.”

The couple now faces a new challenge: finding a lifelong home where they can be together indefinitely. Hopefully, their affection for each other will motivate them to be adopted by a caring family.