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The Cute Italian Greyhound That “Melts” When Photographed

Being photographed is quite interesting and fun for some, but there are some who don’t like it even a bit. We humans might show that we don’t like it by either frowning or looking away. Similarly, even in the animal world, there are animals that love to be clicked and also there are some who don’t like being in the spotlight.

One such cute pet who doesn’t like it when the owner photographs him is Sparky. The way Sparky reacts is really very hilarious. This cute fellow melts when Kennedy Simmons tries to take photos with his showing that he doesn’t like it. It’s very funny to see the way this Italian Greyhound when he’s being photographed. Scroll to see the reaction of Sparky and to know his story.

#1 Kennedy is Sparky’s current owner and he’s a veterinary assistant

Kennedy had shared about Sparky and how being with him is best. According to him, Sparky is quite mischievous but a lovely Italian Greyhound who he should always have his eyes on. This funny doggo tries his best to get attention and even gets on to tables and snag food. He is also a good actor but Kennedy knows him better, after being naughty he just comes to Kennedy’s lap as if nothing was done.

#2 Sparky gives his best to avoid being clicked

#3 He metals down and becomes like jelly

Apart from being funny and mischievous, this fellow is a fearless guy. Also when it comes to being a good companion he’s very good.  Sparky is always by the side of Kennedy and tries to comfort him in his bad times. Having such a dog with all these qualities is lucky. You have a companion that’s funny, mischievous, fearless, and has a good heart.

#7 What this loving guy loves the most is food

Be it anytime Sparky loves to eat. He’s always ready to have food. Food is something that he cannot be separated from. Other than the food he loves dogs. His other companions are top on the list. And also he’s fond of cats and people.

#8 Though Sparky is very kind-hearted his past is a bit saddening

Sparky had been living with another family before and then Kennedy had adopted him. While he was staying with that family his leg had been broken and he had faced a tough time. After seeing Sparky break his leg that family had been scared. Therefore they had not been fine with letting Sparky do stuff. But they had realized it was not fair for Sparky and they had wanted him to have someone who would let him do things he wants.

#9 Kennedy being familiar with animals had known what Sparky needed and had decided to take him