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Heart Warming Story Of A Man Taking His Doggo On One Last Adventure

Dogs are known for their extreme love and their bonding with us all over their lives unconditionally. This is why they are loved by everyone all over the world. And with time, they bond with us in greater ways.

When your doggo becomes a family member, bad things that it goes through becomes a saddening to you as well. This is such a story of a heart-touching gesture of a man towards his loving friend. Carlos Fresco was the owner, friend, and family of his 10-year-old dog ‘Monty’.

Monty was diagnosed with leukemia and he went through a successful process of chemotherapy. But creating very unfortunate circumstances, it returned, taking Monty’s health down in a very destructive way.

Fresco saw that his loving friend was living the last few weeks of his life and that he was dealing with a lot of suffering. As a friend and a family member who loved him unconditionally, he felt that he should make Monty’s final few days pleasurable.

He decided that he will take Monty to all the favorite places they used to visit and play. He put Monty on a wheelbarrow who sat in it like a very good boy and pushed him to all those places.

It is a very heart-touching scene to see. Fresco took Monty to places that they shared memories and he knew that Monty indeed was happy. Many places were mountain tops and hikes. A lot of hikers and strangers joined Fresco to keep company with Monty on their hikes.

Monty enjoyed his hikes, his favorite was a mountain top in the Brecon Beacons of Wales. Fresco explained that it was his tribute to Monty who was a fountain of happiness in his and everyone’s lives he came across.

Monty passed away on the 21st of this June leaving a lot of people heartbroken. Fresco still treasures the bond and happiness Monty brought into his life. May Monty rest in peace!

Here are some pictures of Monty’s final adventures. Share your comments about this in the comments section below.