Prоud mоm hоrsе shоws оff hеr nеwbоrn babу tо оwnеr - Animals Paradise

Prоud mоm hоrsе shоws оff hеr nеwbоrn babу tо оwnеr

Motherhood is such a beautiful experience, and it’s not just us humans who experience the joys of giving birth. Even other creatures, such as animals, also become proud parents.

When you’ve just given birth, the first thing that you want to do is to show how beautiful your child is.

This is exactly what Sapphire did when she gave birth in October last year.

Sapphire is actually a white mini-horse.

Mini horses are a type of horse breed and not ponies. However; it is their small height that defines them.

These cute horses should not exceed 34 inches in height and are actually smaller than most ponies.

As a fun fact, did you know that the first miniature horses were developed in Europe in the 1600s? They created these mini horses to serve as pets for the noble and rich. Mini-horses, despite their small size, can also be trained to do some tasks such as pulling carts, jumping, or even serving as therapy animals. Though, they are popularly known as pets due to their cute and small size.

They can be kept in backyards, or if you have a farm or pasture, then they would also thrive there.

Sapphire is a beautiful mini-horse who lives peacefully and beautifully on their farm. When her human came home, she hurried to Sapphire as they told her that her pet had already given birth.

In the short clip, we hear a very excited woman walk toward a white mini-horse. “What have you got, honey? Baby, what have you got?” she asked lovingly.

There, just near the mini-horse, is a new baby colt.

You’d think that after giving birth, Sapphire would be a little aggrеssivе or aloof, likе some animals.

Due to some hormonal changes or the overall feeling of being uncomfortable, some animals become aggrеssivе before and after giving birth, but not Sapphire.

She was really welcoming of her human mom and even walked a few steps to greet her.

Sapphire even seemed to answer her owner with some sweet neighs, whimpers, and grunts. You can even see her tail wagging, and her nose pointing at the newborn baby. “Oh! Look at him. Good job!” said Sapphire’s owner. She was so proud of her Sapphire because she was able to give birth to her beautiful baby.