EIеgant Friеsian hоrsе mеIts 1M hеarts ‘ρutting оn shоw’ fоr соw nеighbоrs - Animals Paradise

EIеgant Friеsian hоrsе mеIts 1M hеarts ‘ρutting оn shоw’ fоr соw nеighbоrs

There are many adorable examples of animals having funny interactions with each other. These are often between cats and dogs, but sometimes, some more surprising animals come into the mix.

That’s just the case with a horse and a whole herd of cows!

Horses and cows have a long history. In a viral video released by Tara, the horse’s owner, a Friesian horse gets to meet the neighbor’s cows for the first time. The entire event was really funny to watch and tells us a lot about the interaction between the two species.

What makes it even more incredible is just how beautiful of a horse Koning is. Koning the horse is a Friesian horse.

Friesian horses originate from the Netherlands and are known for their grace, despite their size.

They were often believed to be used as war horses as their size allowed a fully dressed knight to ride on them. Usually found in all-black, there are fewer more striking and graceful horses.

The interaction between this beautiful horse and a herd of cows is worth watching.

Koning can be seen in the video wearing a white blanket that makes his black hair even inkier than normal.

With the sun glinting off of this wonderful animal, you can see why they used them for war! Trotting forward with a high-stepping gait, Koning goes to see these strange, rusty, short horses that are on the other side of the fence.

Getting closer, we see they are just cows!

As Koning trots closer, the herd backs off a bit because of the imposing figure that the horse strikes.

Soon enough, however, they seem to be adjusted a bit better. Getting up to the fence, Koning stares at the strange creatures who look nothing likе him.As the two species take each other in, more cows come to watch the show.