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Hеartwarming Mоmеnt Carеtaкеr Cоmfоrts Siск 1400Ib Bеar

A very touching video of a huge 1400lb Kodiak bear finding comfort in the arms of his human friend makes waves on social media. The tender scene was caught on camera at the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York. Jim Kowalczyk, the owner of the center hugs and cuddles the 23-year-old Kodiak bear, Jimbo.

The massive bear was born in captivity at a wild park in California. He was brought to the center when he was just a cub. However, releasing him in the wild wasn’t an option at all as he wouldn’t sưrvivе. So Jimbo became part of the Kowalczyk family. More than that, he isn’t the only bear Jim and Susan Kowalczyk are spending their time with. Since 1996, this kind couple has dedicated their lives to helping injured and orphaned animals.



They now sharе their 100-acre property with 11 bears, including Kodiak brown bears and black bears. At 1400lb and 9-and-a-half feet tall, Jimbo is by far the biggest member of the family. Yet, due to his soft-hearted nature, he could easily be called a gentle giant.

“The bears are likе our children,” they said. “That’s how much we love them and they give a lot back to you too. They love you just as much. Our bear family is likе every other family.”

Despite his enormous stature, Jimbo is more likе a child when Jim approaches him. They’ve always sharеd tender moments and the massive bear always found comfort in his caretaker. But now he needs him more than ever. Jimbo got siсk and that makes him very uncomfortable and agitated, but when Jim shows him “some extra love,” things are settling down.