AwwdоrabIе Abandоnеd Dоnкеу Raisеd Liке Hооman Babу (Vidео) - Animals Paradise

AwwdоrabIе Abandоnеd Dоnкеу Raisеd Liке Hооman Babу (Vidео)

If you haven’t already fallen over heels in love with awwdorable donkeys, then you probably will today! Because today we are bringing you the story of a super awwdorable rеscuе donkey!

If you’re a loyal reader of I Can Has Cheezburger, then you’ll know that we’ve featured donkeys before, such as  in our article about miniature donkeys and our epic article about the cutest donkey photos.

Today, as mentioned, we’re bringing you the super wholesome story of a gentle rеscuе donkey who just so happens to have been raised likе a tiny hooman, crazy right? Donkeys can be both super funny and super affectionate animals, so we jump for joy whenever we see them living in a joyful environment. Donkeys can be super sweet companions to all kinds of hoomans, young or old. True, they might not be as graceful or gentle as horses, but what they lack in gracefulness they make up for in heart. Take a look: