Nеwеst Rеsсuе Mееts Thе Rеsidеnt Sanсtuarу Dоnкеуs (Vidео) - Animals Paradise

Nеwеst Rеsсuе Mееts Thе Rеsidеnt Sanсtuarу Dоnкеуs (Vidео)

“Our newest rеscuе, Barry the donkey, meets the other donkeys under Julian’s careful supervision.

Barry came to us in August after being abаndơnеd on the streets with his goat friend, Ruby, when his ‘owner’ was sent to prison. He had terrible sunburn on his nose but with a bit of TLC, it is healing well. We are not able to have Barry gelded until there are less flies and therefore a minimized risk of infection. This should be in a couple of weeks time.”

“Barry and the other donkeys have already met through the fence but we thought it would be good for them to see each other more up close and this is the reaction video! Once Barry is gelded and the testоsterone levels start to reduce, he will be able to mix with the other donkeys and roam the sanctuary with them on a daily basis. Gelding equines not only prevents unwanted breeding but calms them down considerably and allows them to live more harmoniously and with minimized stress and frustration.” Via YouTube. 

We are hype for Barry to get to know all of his new friends and continue socializing with the other donkeys! Every animal deserves a second chance at a good and love filled life. Animals can not choose their owners, and they don’t always end up with very good ones. Thankfully, there are animal sanctuaries and havens that help give animals in need the happy lives they deserve.