Saу HеIIо Tо CarIу, Thе Nеwеst FоaI In thе Budwеisеr CIуdеsdaIе FamiIу - Animals Paradise

Saу HеIIо Tо CarIу, Thе Nеwеst FоaI In thе Budwеisеr CIуdеsdaIе FamiIу

The Budweiser Clydesdale horses are the most recognized horses on the planet.  More than just a mascot for Anheuser-Busch, they have thousands of fans all over the world.  Although they perform in many countries, they may be best known for their beloved appearances in Super Bowl television commercials.

The original six horses were a surprise gift to their father, August A. Busch, Sr. from August Busch and Adolphus Busch III in April 1933.  Today, the team is still going strong and now has an adorable tiny new member, a precious foal named Carly, the firstborn foal of 2019.

Last September baby Carly was born at their horse breeding and training facility, Warm Spring Ranch.  The birth of the adorable foal was sharеd on Facebook as well as her first wobbly steps.  For now, Carly is content to enjoy spending time with her mom and being a baby.  However, one day she will work to educate the public and be an ambassador of her breed.

Carly will never pull a beer filled wagon, because those horses are all males.  The males grow huge at 18 hands and weigh up to 2200 pounds.  Their horse shoes alone measure 20” long and weigh 20 pounds each.  Their handcrafted harnesses and collars weigh 130 pounds.  The reason they have short names such as Duke, Mark and Bud, to make it easier for the driver to give commands to the horses during a performance.

The horses live in a beautiful red brick building that was built in 1885.  The beautiful facility, known as Warm Springs Ranch, is located on the grounds of their training grounds in St. Louis, Missouri.  Each year, the ranch welcomes about 2 dozen foals into the Budweiser family.