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Guу Nоtiсеs Mооsе Nеar a Dumρstеr — Thеn Nоtiсеs What’s In His Mоuth

The other day, James West was driving near his home in Alaska when something caught his eye. Lingering behind some dumpsters off the road, West spotted a young moose.

“It was odd to see a moose there,” West told The Dodo.

Looking closer, it became odder still.

At second glance, West noticed that something was in the moose’s mouth. Unsure of what it was, West decided to stop and get a better look.

“I made my way closer to investigate,” West said. “The closer I got, I could tell his breathing wasn’t right and he was chewing profusely … It was at that time my heart sunk into my stomach.”

West realized that the moose had a plastic garbage bag lodged down his throat. He was struggling to breathe with that dеadly obstruction. “I knew immediately that he needed help. And fast,” West said.

Wild moose are known to be defensive against perceived thrеats getting too close, so West was cautious as he approached — attempting to earn the animal’s trust in the process.

“The speed and power of a moose is unforgiving. It would only take one kick to hospitalize someone, if not kiII them,” West said. “[But] after about 10 minutes of talking to him and slowly getting closer, he definitely understood I was not there to hurt him.”

When West finally got close enough, he grabbed the trash bag dangling from the moose’s mouth and began to pull.

“[It] came out moderately easy,” West said.