Vidео оf mооsе shеdding “massiνе” antIеrs with singIе shaке оf his hеad gеts оνеr 900к νiеws - Animals Paradise

Vidео оf mооsе shеdding “massiνе” antIеrs with singIе shaке оf his hеad gеts оνеr 900к νiеws

Here’s something you don’t see every day.

For us who spend most of our time in the city, wildlife and its array of wonders largely remain a mystery. But thankfully, with the technology we developed, we can get a glimpse of these moments.

A door camera captured an amazing moment when a moose passed by a home in Alaska. The moose’s annual ritual, mostly reserved for places in the wild, happened right in front of someone’s doorstep.

A bull moose came into view.

Winter was in full swing and the neighborhood was covered with a thick fluff of snow. The moose stopped for a while as if it felt something.

Then, starting from his hind legs, the moose shook his body enthusiastically until his two antlers popped cleanly off his crown.

His massive antlers came crashing down.

The sudden loss of weight startled the moose. Then, as quickly as it came, the moose set off to continue the journey. As the night crept in, a truck stopped by the spot where the moose once was. The driver stepped out of their vehicle and investigated what the animal left. He then took the discarded antlers and showed them to the camera.

So why do they shed the part of themselves that they’re well-known for?

They become a seasonal liability.

After the fall breeding season, male cervids discard their antlers. They don’t have use for these ferocious headsets and with the winter season following, getting rid of antlers can help them ease through harsh terrain.

Watch this moose shed its massive antlers with a shake of his head in the video below!