LоуaI gооsе aсts as a ‘bоdуguard’ fоr his rеsсuеd mini hоrsе bеst friеnd - Animals Paradise

LоуaI gооsе aсts as a ‘bоdуguard’ fоr his rеsсuеd mini hоrsе bеst friеnd

It’s always adorable to see interspecies friendships. There’s just something so sweet and wholesome about it.

And Hemingway and Waffles are no exception. This goose and mini horse love each other so much.

Hemingway and Waffles were rеscuеd from an outdoor paddock that was unsanitary for the pair in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Bucks County SPCA immediately saw the protective bond between the two.

Bucks County SPCA explains, “They truly are best friends. They don’t know that one’s a mini-horse and the other’s a goose. They have no idea. They’re besties.”

Waffles had a minor infection when he was rеscuеd and Hemingway was very overprotective about Waffles’ care.

Hemingway would stay close and loud anytime an SPCA employee would get close to give Waffles medicine or injections. Hemingway would get in between Waffles and the workers to let them know Waffles has a best friend looking out for him.

It becomes instantly clear that Waffles and Hemingway were a package deal.

When Waffles and Hemingway were both given the okay to be adơрted, Bucks County SPCA made sure to let all applicants know that the two best friends must be adơрted together.

Hemingway and Waffles found the best forever home at the farm of Maddie and Nick in Pennsylvania. Maddie and Nick has created a farm initially for her horse Peabody but it has grown with the adơрtion of other farm animals.

Check out Waffles and Hemingway’s full journey in the video below!