PIaуfuI Dееr Hоsts Danсе Lеssоns Fоr Unimρrеssеd Sеniоr Dоg - Animals Paradise

PIaуfuI Dееr Hоsts Danсе Lеssоns Fоr Unimρrеssеd Sеniоr Dоg

Most of the time, wild animals actively avoid humans and dogs.

They know that keeping a distance is the best way for them to stay safe, but not all animals sharе that mindset. A wild deer known as Daisy doesn’t always see dogs and humans as thrеats. There’s one dog in particular that she sees as her best friend!

Whenever a dog named Yukon and his human are walking nearby, Daisy always makes an appearance. She longs for Yukon to play or dance with her, but he seems indifferent. However, Yukon’s dad loves the deer’s antics, so he posted an adorable video of her with Yukon.

Dancing Deer

Yukon’s dad said that every time they go for a walk, Daisy appears. She seems to think she’s part dog, so she always tries to get Yukon to interact with her. One day, Yukon’s dad took a video of the silly deer to sharе with the world.

In the YouTube video, Daisy and Yukon are playing in a river. The senior dog wades around peacefully while the deer can’t sit still. Daisy bounces playfully around the dog, and it almost looks likе she’s dancing.

“This deer thinks she’s a dog and runs with my dog when we go for a walk. This time she was feeling a little frisky. My dog (Yukon) and (Daisy) an orphaned fawn, became friends briefly. Whenever I took Yukon for a walk, Daisy would suddenly appear,” the YouTube caption reads.

Yukon’s human isn’t sure what the deer’s story is, but she’s never with other deer, and she is unusually friendly around pets and people. Maybe she does think she’s a dog!

Dog Remains Unamused

Daisy refuses to stop her dance moves as long as Yukon is around. While most dogs are thrilled at any opportunity to play, Yukon couldn’t care less. As Daisy bounds around, the canine searches the water for rocks instead. When he finds a nice rock, he brings it to the shore to show his dad.

“This particular day, she was in a playful mood, but Yukon could care less. He just wanted to collect rocks for me,” Yukon’s dad wrote.

No matter how many times Yukon ignores Daisy, it seems likе the deer will keep trying to teach the dog to dance. However, even if he never joins her, she seems to have plenty of fun dancing by herself while he collects rocks. Just because the two animals have different hobbies doesn’t mean they can’t still be friends!