TaIкatiνе fоaI adоrabIу сhats awaу with оwnеr - Animals Paradise

TaIкatiνе fоaI adоrabIу сhats awaу with оwnеr

We always wonder what our pet friends are thinking.

We often wish that the animals in our life will chat with us as much as we chat with them. We just want to know what they’re thinking.

See, we humans are natural “anthropomorphizers.”

Meaning that we naturally tend to ascribe all kinds of thoughts and meanings to random other things in life.

Now if we are able to do that to inanimate objects such as a car, a bag, your favorite pair of shoes, then what more for the live, animate ones?

Notice how, when a person is speaking to an animal, they do so in short, simple sentences coupled with a higher pitched voice.

Much likе how we talk to kids! It’s a natural instinct of sorts. That parental, caring part of us takes over when we speak to a more innocent life form. But can our animal friends talk back and respond to us? You bet they can!

This lady decided to have a chat with a foal named Lola. At the sound of her name, the pretty filly immediately gets up with a happy neigh.

“Hello! You are seriously cute! Hello! What are you saying?”

Lola responds with her little horse heart’s emotions behind her braying.

She is positively cute!

An adult horse can be seen behind Lola and that may be her mom. She looks and seems to be alerted to the human friend of her little equine but lets it go when seeing how friendly Lola and the lady are towards each other.

“Hello, baby! Hi! Lovely to meet you. What are you saying? Hello!”

Oh, she’s obviously very smitten with Lola. The sociable foal looks very strong and smart as she walks around her stable.

A viewer wondered, “I wonder if that cute foal will continue to be so vocal as it grows up.”

Well, it is highly possible if Lola is constantly surrounded by positive, supportive humans who interacts with her on a daily basis.

It is a bit tricky caring for foals. It takes a special hand of an expert as they have to nurse from the mom while being groomed and kept in a clean environment.

The results are beautiful-looking horses. Like Lola and mom!

Now there are no subtitles so it’s difficult to interpret Lola’s responses but someone commented, “Whatever she’s saying I’m sure it’s important and I wholeheartedly agree.”

We do too! Think of a toddler babbling senselessly while looking at you.

Wouldn’t you pay attention and entertain the child? Well Lola’s no different. She’s sharing some of her insights with the lady and we were all ears!