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Babу hоrsе mеIts hеarts adоrabIу ‘сuddIing’ with wоman

Horses are majestic animals. They’re famous for being regal and calm. But that’s adult horses.

As it turns out, baby horses are as sweet and rambunctious as every other baby out there.

Every animal has its own unique personality, but some are truly one in a million. That’s what one woman discovered, recorded, and sharеd in the precious video below.

After work one day, Sunny Bayne decided to go and say hello to a baby female horse. The happy-go-lucky filly immediately showed her playful side, galloping up to the fence to greet her visitor.

Wanting to join in on the fun, Sunny climbed the fence and began playing with the foal. “I will say, I have been around hundreds of foals but not one quite likе this,” Sunny wrote about her encounter.

The young horse proceeds to gently knock Sunny to the ground, all for the purpose of adoringly snuggling on her new friend with her tail wagging.

Sunny uploaded her video to Facebook, where it received millions of views and thousands of sharеs. All those people got to sharе in the magic of Sunny and her new filly friend!

I love the way the baby horse just plops on Sunny after she has her on the ground. You can see how truly comfortable she is around Sunny, and the way her tail wags makes me think of the filly as a playful pup.

“This is the best day of my life,” Sunny says in the video as she lies down with the little foal. “Look at it!”