Babу ρanda mеIts hеarts adоrabIу gеtting uρ tо ‘misсhiеf’ in кееρеr’s оffiсе - Animals Paradise

Babу ρanda mеIts hеarts adоrabIу gеtting uρ tо ‘misсhiеf’ in кееρеr’s оffiсе

You’ve probably heard of ‘take your child to work’ day, a day where parents let their kids see what they do at work every day.

But one panda nanny decided to shake things up and do a ‘take your panda to work’ day!

In this clip, a panda is seen at his keeper’s workplace. His nanny is wearing an apron and is busy conducting some sort of experiment or handling some sort of important-looking liquids, but the panda does not care.

The panda wants to play now.

As the keeper continues to try very hard and get her work done, the panda causes absolute mayhem.

At the very beginning of the clip, the little baby panda is practically hanging off the desk. As we all silently cheer for the cute animal to make it, he eventually falls off the desk — but do not worry, he is absolutely fine.

After he falls off the desk, his nanny comes and replaces him back on the office chair.

However, it becomes very clear throughout the video that the panda does not care for the office chair. He makes several attempts to jump off.

It is hilarious when he tries to get off the chair.

It is absolutely hysterical to watch the panda try and attempt to get off the chair, which doesn’t seem to be too easy for the poor animal. He doesn’t simply crawl or jump off, yet he very slowly inches off, pretty much until he’s dangling by a leg or an arm.

It looks as if he is purposefully falling off the chair.

Every time he manages to get off the chair (which would take a minute), his nanny would swing by and carefully place him again. You can also tell though that at the same time, she is just too busy to deal with the madness.

She either did not bring the panda by choice or she did, but had no idea it would cause such massive chaos in the office.

It is almost likе the panda wants to be put to work.

At times, when he makes it to the very top of the desk, he begins to rummage through files and other papers.

He only makes it so far until his nanny stops him, though.

This poor panda, he just wants to play and maybe even do some work himself!

The video, being as cute and funny as it is, racked up 3 million views on YouTube. Several people who watched it went crazy over the cuteness, comparing the panda to a toddler.

It is true that the panda comes off as a toddler, too. Turn your back on him for two seconds and your whole life is torn apart! His attention span is clearly, well, nonexistent.

He just wants to play, be lazy, and climb around the office.

It’s too adorable to watch this little one playing and having the best time. What a sweetheart.