Zоокееρеr stеρs in tо сarе fоr siск babу gоriIIa rеjесtеd bу mоthеr - Animals Paradise

Zоокееρеr stеρs in tо сarе fоr siск babу gоriIIa rеjесtеd bу mоthеr

Humans sharе 98% of our DNA with gorillas.

They are our second closest relatives in the animal kingdom, next to chimpanzees who sharе 99% of our DNA. This is why it’s no wonder that baby gorillas act so much likе human babies. How to care for a baby gorilla is also very similar to caring for a baby.

In New South Wales, Australia, zookeeper Chad Staples had to step in and care for newborn baby gorilla Kaius when his mom Kipenzi suddenly rеjесted him.

Kaius was the first baby born in Mogo Wildlife Park. According to Staples’ Facebook page, Zookeeper Chad, new mom Kipenzi “did a great job birthing her baby, cleaning and nurturing likе an absolute pro.”

However, Kipenzi was unable to deliver the placenta and needed medical intervention. Then eight hours after the birth, dad Kisane took away the new baby from Kipenzi.

This was not expected behavior from him.

While he was gentle and caring with the baby, he did not want to return the baby to his mother.

A few hours later, Kisane finally left the baby and the park staff came, and they retrieved the baby to check on it. They also performed a procedure on Kipenzi to remove the placenta.

The following day, Staples and the rest of the team prepared Kaius to be reunited with his mother. Kaius was set on bedding in front of his family, highly accessible to his mom and grandmother.

However, mom Kipenzi showed no interest in her baby.

The zookeeper and the park staff kept the baby gorilla out as long as possible, but they noticed that his color and demeanor had changed.

Over the next few days and nights, a team of specialist neonatal doctors and nurses worked hard to savе his life.

There were some moments when they thought they might lose Kaius to sepsis pneumonia, but they were able to put him on the road to recovery.

After a week of being connected to oxygen and feeding tubes, Kaius finally finished his medications and was removed from the tubes.

Because his mom continued to rеjесt him, Staples has become the primary caregiver and parent of Kaius.

However, Staples bottle feeds the baby gorilla in front of his family and leave his beddings with them at night to continue creating a bond between them.