Stunning mаrе Iеts саninе соmраniоn ridе оn hеr bаск - Animals Paradise

Stunning mаrе Iеts саninе соmраniоn ridе оn hеr bаск

A video of a puppy named Robin and a horse named Teddy and their unique friendship is winning over hearts online.

Teddy, Emily Sebryk’s horse, was the first to see Robin once he was adорted. Teddy served as a role model for Robin. Always trying to imitate her, he would follow her around the entire arena. But Robin gradually realized that he was not a horse.

Teddy and Robin have a remarkable bond together. While Teddy views Robin as a close friend, Robin views Teddy as his entire existence. Together, they carry out all the lovely things.

Teddy likе a huge puppy to Emily. She appreciates that Teddy watches out for Robin and is always there for him. Robin makes sure that Teddy gets to ride whenever Emily does at the conclusion. This serves as his equivalent of a daily prize.

Emily permits Teddy and Robin to play in the open space. The two companions take pleasure in pursuing and playing with one another. Then, Emily makes the decision to ride Teddy as she did with Truly, the senior dog, and take Robin for a trail ride.

Emily had to stop and wait for Truly to catch up with them when she was with Truly. She has been performing that for the past 11 years. She then did the same for Robin after a while of riding.

To her surprise, Robin was actually standing next to Teddy. A whole new world of possibilities was now available. Now they frequently embark on adventurous journeys and enjoy themselves greatly. Teddy and Robin seem to be soul mates.