АdоrаbIе dоnкеу trаνеIs еνеrуwhеrе with thе IittIе humаn brоthеr - Animals Paradise

АdоrаbIе dоnкеу trаνеIs еνеrуwhеrе with thе IittIе humаn brоthеr

A video of a donkey named Snickers having fun with his young human brother has gone viral. The donkey follows the little guy around everywhere because of their close relationship.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

He was just placed in a new home since the former owners felt they were not giving the animal the attention he needed. When Damaris learned about this, she quickly took the animal home.

Snickers felt at home right away. Gunnar, the young son of Damaris, and Snickers quickly developed a close bond. Gunnar would simply start walking up to Snickers as he approached the backyard fence and pet him.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

In order to stay close to his new animal friend, Gunnar even read poems to him. Despite only being three years old, this young kid was incredibly independent. He enjoyed helping his mum with chores and doing everything on his own.

Gunnar learnt that helping his mother was a good thing to do because he got to carry buckets and feed Snickers. He saw this as a chance to give Snickers some of his grain.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

Snickers delighted in the spotlight. He would simply sob till Gunnar arrived. The young youngster would caress the donkey and even use a comb to gently brush his body. Snickers was aware of the young boy’s deep affection for him. He would therefore remain still and let the boy take care of him.

They enjoy spending time together in the field. Snickers was Gunnar’s constant companion. Damaris believed that Snickers followed Gunnar around to keep him safe since he considered the young boy to be a member of his herd.

Source: dailypet.buzz