Dоnкеу Has A Ear Tо Ear SmiIе Aftеr Bеing Rе.sсuеd - Animals Paradise

Dоnкеу Has A Ear Tо Ear SmiIе Aftеr Bеing Rе.sсuеd

When this Donkey was rеscuеd from floods in Ireland he couldn’t stop smiling. He enjoyed his safety to the fullest.

A donkey stranded by flooding in Ireland on Sunday and was rеscuеd by a member of a rowing club. fsrn writes that the woman posted on the Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR) Facebook page and asked for help. The animal got out from the barn in Killorglin, Co Kerry, on Saturday night. The door had dаmаgеs from the bad weather.

The donkey was found the next morning stranded in a field surrounded by deep flood waters after a nearby river overflowed. Mike Fleming, a member of the Killorglin Rowing Club, found the donkey. Along with a rеscuе team from the shelter they managed to bring the donkey ashore. They put a rope and life jacket around him.

A spokesperson for Animal Heaven Animal Rescue said: Mike is the name of the donkey. After his rеscuеr, he spent his time at the shelter while his stall was being repaired.

Suzanne Gibbons, founder of the shelter, said: ,,He is currently eating hot dry porridge with a towel, he is warm and our vet examined him and gave him antibiotics to prevent pneumonia.”

The vet said the small bit of fluid in one lung thankfully will recover.

A big THANKS to everyone who helps animals in need!

The Donkey has a precious smile. You can only love him!

Credits: forever-love-animals.com