FamiIу сaρturеs dоg and thirstу коaIa sharing a drinк - Animals Paradise

FamiIу сaρturеs dоg and thirstу коaIa sharing a drinк

Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes… and species!

This is proven by a thirsty dog and his koala friend, who often sharе a drink on the hottest of summer days.

Rusty the dog, and his friend Quasi the koala, have been friends for years and often sharе their water with each other.

Riley and Olivia Stone, residents of Adelaide Hills in South Australia, noticed a few years ago that on especially hot days, a koala would visit their backyard to drink from their dogs’ water bowl and cool down in the shade provided by their trees.

The family welcomed the little marsupial and would even pluck leaves off nearby eucalyptus trees to give the little guy something to eat.

The family decided to name the koala Quasi, and his visits are now a regular part of the family’s day.

Due to the high temperatures in southern Australia, the Stones often sit outside in their yard and enjoy the sun and the nature that surrounds them. They all look forward to seeing Quasi, but Rusty, especially, he and the little koala have really bonded.

As soon as Quasi gets down off his perch to get a drink, Rusty is right there with him.

They are so comfortable with each other that they even nuzzle noses in greeting. You can tell how happy Rusty is when he sees his friend, as the dog’s tail is wagging the whole time.

The animals originally met during Australia’s bushfires, which is likеly why Quasi decided to get so close to the Stone’s and their pup.

However, he obviously felt safe and comfortable with them, and likеd the fresh water and hand-fed eucalyptus so much that he keeps coming back.

The first meeting between koala and canine was likеly a bit timid, but luckily the pair have really grown to love each other and enjoy their meetings.

Any animal, whether dog, koala, or even human, needs water to sưrvivе, and so the fact that all species can come together and put aside their difference, in order to quench their thirst is a very special thing.

These two highlight just how important it is to be kind to those you don’t know, and who are different from you.