HоmеIеss dоg νisits Subwaу shоρ еνеrу еνеning fоr a frее sandwiсh - Animals Paradise

HоmеIеss dоg νisits Subwaу shоρ еνеrу еνеning fоr a frее sandwiсh

A homeless doggo named ‘Subway Sally’ loves a good freebie, especially the kind that fills up her starving belly.

What she doesn’t love is going dumpster diving likе your typical trash panda. So instead of scrounging for leftovers out back, she’s figured out a surprising way to get a tasty meal delivered right into her mouth.

Staff at the popular chain sandwich shop Subway always have this stray’s back paw whenever the sweet pup shows up for dinner.

According to Giovanni Luhman, who goes by @kxnuko on TikTok, Sally has been showing up on their front doorstep every night for an entire year.

“This stray dog has been coming to Subway every night for the past year,” Giovanni Luhman captioned in his viral TikTok video.

Sally even has this goodest boy, Gio, trained to dole out all her favorite meaty fixings!

“We always feed her.”

Apparently, the kindhearted employees have been feeding her very, very well.

Sally, meanwhile, patiently waits outside for her supper.

After carefully pinching the wrapper closed, Gio quickly walks towards the front door to greet his favorite furry customer.

As soon as the door opens, she wastes no time gobbling up the tasty snack.

The excited pup is always thankful when she gets to chow down on some turkey meat with all the trimmings.

Sometimes she only gets pieces of chicken, but on this particular night, she was spoiled rotten.

Gio says that after the dog is done, she usually washed it all down with a cup of water.

But, it turns out there’s some pretty stiff competition for her doggy affections. There are, after all, other fast-food restaurants in town. “If we’re too late to get her food, she’ll just go across the street to Taco Bell.” Granted, it’s mediocre Taco Bell tacos, but hey – it still counts as tacos!

Concerned commenters wondered why Gio didn’t take Sally home with him, but the answer to that was pretty simple.

He already has five cats, and the cost of pet food and kitty litter can add up really fast.

“There are a lot of strays in our town,” Gio said. “I live in a very poor town. More often than not, people can’t pay for pet food.”

Sally doesn’t seem likе she wants a forever home, anyways. She’s had four litters of puppies in the year that Gio has been feeding her.

“I suspect she has a regular place to sleep and possibly care for her puppies.”

The nearest dog shelter was over 20 miles away, and it, unfortunately, had a very high kiII rate. So she’s probably safer on the streets.

Gio, meanwhile, promises to take care of Sally for as long as he’s around to help out. He’s even starting a local pet food drive to help out low-income families.