Zоо νisitоrs arе amazеd whеn straу сat snеaкs intо bеar ехhibit and thеу bесоmе friеnds - Animals Paradise

Zоо νisitоrs arе amazеd whеn straу сat snеaкs intо bеar ехhibit and thеу bесоmе friеnds

The cat wandered into the elderly bear’s enclosure one day – but no one expected them to form a sweet friendship.

Sometimes friends come in the unlikеliest of forms, the exact opposite of what you would expect. That fact has been proven over and over again, in both people and animals.

Take 2 of the residents of the Folsom City Zoo, for example, one crashed the other’s enclosure, and now they are best friends.

550-pound Sequoia, an elderly brown bear that lives at the zoo, was surprised when she woke up one day to find a little cat curled up in her area.

The cat, also in its later years of life, found that there was always an abundance of food in the zoo, so it decided to move in.

Zookeepers spread dog food around the bears enclosure as a tasty treat for them, but the cat likеd it too.

Shortly after the zookeepers realized that the cat was coming in for food, they started leaving out cat food too. Sequoia didn’t seem to mind the company and so the little stray cat was soon calling the place home.

The cat was affectionately named Little Bear and is now just as much of an attraction as all the rest of the zoo’s inhabitants.

The pair seem to enjoy each others company and, while they don’t get too close to each other, they do likе to stay nearby. Both creatures are in their later years of life and they appreciate lounging in the shade to romping around in the sun.

Some of the zoo’s visitors love to see Little Bear in the enclosure, while others are concerned for his safety.

“I thought he was gonna be eaten by the bear.” says one young boy, worried for the little cat. And when asked what he thought of the pair’s friendship, the same boy told KXTV, “I don’t get how that would possibly ever happen.”

But happen it has, and both animals are happier now than they were before they met. Anyone who owns a cat knows they are stubborn little creatures and once they set their minds to something, that thing is going to happen. For Little Bear, he set his mind to enjoying the comforts that the zoo provides, and making a truce with the exhibit’s main occupant.

Cats can also be pretty tough little creatures, and Little Bear was a stray before he moved in. He would definitely have faced some foes out in the world before he found his home, and maybe Sequoia realized that the cat would put up a fight if bothered. Sequoia herself is elderly and wanted a peaceful retirement, fighting a cat was never in her plans.