20-Yеаr-ơId саt sưrrеndеrеd tơ ShеItеr gеts аdơρtеd bу 101-Yеаr-ơId Iаdу! - Animals Paradise

20-Yеаr-ơId саt sưrrеndеrеd tơ ShеItеr gеts аdơρtеd bу 101-Yеаr-ơId Iаdу!

What a wonderful woman to help this sweet kitty.

Absolutely beautiful you both are, what a beautiful person you are, hope you have lots of happiness together… Much love!

So grateful to this kind woman for adơрting sweet Gus!! May you both have a wonderful life!!


Once at the shelter, Gus was given a health screening that showed he was “Exceptional Healthy”— for a 20 year old cat! — But they knew that having to spend his golden years in a shelter environment was going to take a toll on the [wellbeing] of a cat his age.

What a wonderful family she has, so many families would help with this!

Shortly after Gus’s arrival, the shelter director received an unexpected call from a family looking for a pet who could be a companion for their aging mother. More specifically, they asked if there was a senior cat they could adơрt.

The family explained that their 101-year-old mother, Penny, had recently lo.st her cat, and though they’d given her a stuffed cat to cuddle with instead, she simply wasn’t pleased with something that didn’t purr.

So much mutual love in the photo of the elderly lady and her senior cat.

Staff were cautious because of the age of all parties, but the family said they were willing to care for the cat on behalf on their mother.
It was “A Match Made In Heaven” and the adơрtion was quickly finalized.

This duo was meant to be and Gus is already fitting right in at his new home. This sweet lady lived that long to find this baby and give her smothering love for the end of their lives. How selfless and beautiful they are.

The way life should be. Seniors often get lonely, but have so much love to give still. A Pet helps so much. We’re so glad this lady got that senior cat, she truly loves him and he deserves to be loved.

God bless the lady that sаvеd the cat from the shelter and gave her a good home with lots of love. May they be together for many years!!!!!!!

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