Wоman starts dоing Iatеst danсе сhaIIеngе but giraffе stеaIs thе sρоtIight - Animals Paradise

Wоman starts dоing Iatеst danсе сhaIIеngе but giraffе stеaIs thе sρоtIight

TikTok is famous for its dance challenges. There have been many dance trends on the app, and people love showing off their own variations of these dances.

But one woman’s dance challenge video included a very unique guest: a giraffe!

This woman was prepared to do the same. She’s picked a lovely spot where the sun shines and it’s just green and blue behind her. Nothing says “view me” quite likе having a couple of massive giraffes in the background.

She’s definitely prepared judging by the way she’s positioned her camera and how she sets herself in position. It’s going to be her 30 seconds of fame if this dance goes viral, but the towering animal behind her had other ideas. It’s likе that giraffe has been waiting its whole life for a chance. And he took it. The world’s tallest mammal knew the camera was just about the right height for him to expose his face for all the world to see, and he did just that, completely taking over the supposed dance scene.

You can see the curious mammal look at the woman as she begins her dance before he makes his way over slowly until his near 20-foot frame blocks the woman, who now looks tiny next to him. The giraffe pauses a bit, prompting the woman to point at him in a posing manner, likе how show hosts gesture towards their guests. Almost likе an NBA reporter featuring a team’s center.

She then tries to proceed with her dancing, but the giraffe knew it was his moment. So he walks over, his massive head completely covering the shot. She’s got nothing else to do but laugh. Giraffa camelopardalis is the name. With a lifespan of around 25 years and the ability to grow to a max of 20 feet, these animals can enjoy a long life of fame for sure. They can stand and graze all day or roam open grassland on their free time. Long, long legs allow giraffes to run up to 35 miles an hour over short distances. When traveling long distances, that long stride allows them to maintain a steady 10. Like those luxury SUVs.

The giraffe says hi to viewers before planting a nose kiss on the woman’s phone, and really, it’s a way cuter moment than the average dancing normally seen on the app.

She has no choice but to walk over, giggling to herself before she shuts her phone off. This woman may have found her new niche — we have a feeling we may see her doing more dances with or around other animals. It could be a brand new trend, although most people won’t have a giraffe handy, so it may not take off too much. Still, we’re glad we have at least one fun giraffe dance video to watch.