Enоrmоus dоg stands watсh оνеr IittIе girIs at bus stоρ untiI hе кnоws thеу’rе safе - Animals Paradise

Enоrmоus dоg stands watсh оνеr IittIе girIs at bus stоρ untiI hе кnоws thеу’rе safе

Dogs are infamously loyal creatures.

It’s one of the reasons we love having them around, after all. And because it’s a trait we value, it has quite literally been bred into their nature. Dogs are pack animals and anyone who is in the family is in the pack, and dogs will stop at nothing to protect their pack. The dog in this video takes that duty very seriously and it’s absolutely adorable.

One parent decided to film what happens on school mornings between their dog and daughters as they wait for the bus. The footage captured not only shows the pooch’s protective nature but also just how sweet he is.

He’s setting up shop to watch.

The adorable clip that’s been circulating the internet shows the pooch sitting likе a statue while the parent films nearby. From what it seems, it’s almost as if the dog is watching for the bus and to make sure there’s no funny business going on.

He’s not playing. One viewer commented on YouTube: “How cuteeeeeeeee!!!!! Animals have more sense than humans give them credit for!”

Dog owners see them as family. So, it makes sense that the feelings can be mutual, leading to protective behavior. The Scottsdale Pet Hotel website explains that it’s in canines’ nature to want to keep their family members safe. They say: “Protectiveness comes from a dog’s wolf ancestors and centuries of breeding, which means that dogs instinctively know when a human child is in need of care.”

We’ve seen stories of dogs following young kids into the wild to keep them safe – and other incredible situations where man’s best friend has deserved a medal. The pooch might not do anything extreme in the video below, but it’s a great example of how loyal and protective our pets can be on a normal day too. It’s almost as if its actions are saying, “Mom, I’ve got your back.” The best part is the end.

The parent records the vehicle pulling up and the kids slowly getting on. As they do so, the dog continues to sit and watch, even when his friends disappear into a seat. It’s not until the doors close shut that the dog budges an inch. The moment they do, however, he jumps up in an instant and trots back up the driveway to his owner. He’s so adorably pleased with himself.