AdоrabIе ρanda сubs mеIt hеarts hiIariоusIу ‘dеraiIing’ bath timе - Animals Paradise

AdоrabIе ρanda сubs mеIt hеarts hiIariоusIу ‘dеraiIing’ bath timе

Most people’s jobs are pretty straightforward and uneventful. Most jobs don’t include a whole of adorable moments.

But if your job is taking care of baby pandas, basically every moment is completely adorable and eventful!

There are videos all over the internet of giant pandas and their keepers that make viewers wish they could swap jobs. Please, even just one shift? But since that’s probably not going to happen, at least we can enjoy all the cuteness from our computer screens. Get ready for a good dose of it below. The man in the video works as a panda keeper over in China. One of his tasks for the day is to bathe the sweet little cubs with a washcloth (no, seriously). He walks into the enclosure with a bowl of water and is met by a group of babies. Alrighty, kids – you know the drill!

Using the cloth, he begins cleaning one of the cub’s face while the others surround him. It’s probably not the first time the keeper’s been given the chore, but it doesn’t keep him from smiling a tiny bit. A YouTube viewer commented:

“Keeper must be one of the most satisfied employees on the planet …❤️”

The cuteness meter keeps rising. While the man focuses on bathing the cub, its buddies get restless. Perhaps they just want some love and attention too! There’s one, in particular, that seems really interested in the caretaker – and begins climbing his back. Another viewer pointed out: “Instead of the keeper showering the pandas, the pandas are showering him with their love :)” The caretaker stays crouched and tries his best to wash up the cub, all while being treated likе a jungle gym and cuddled. Awww! If this guy isn’t a parent, he’s at least been exposed to some of the joys of having little ones.

He refuses to give up.

In the video, the guy cleans the squirmy cub from head to toe the best he can. It’s the most precious scene – as he looks likе he’s being “attaсked” by a bunch of furry toddlers. How he manages to not start giving them all big bear hugs is beyond me.

A little help here? There’s a moment where he looks out into the enclosure almost as if he’s seeking some assistance. But can you blame the guy? So many panda babies that just want to play, and just one cloth. This might take a while… Someone else wrote: “I believe he is washing only one panda again and again thinking he washed all of them 😂😂🤣😂😂”