ArnоId Sсhwarzеnеggеr Is SеIf-IsоIating At Hоmе With His Mini Hоrsе, Whisкеу And Pеt Dоnкеу During Quarantinе - Animals Paradise

ArnоId Sсhwarzеnеggеr Is SеIf-IsоIating At Hоmе With His Mini Hоrsе, Whisкеу And Pеt Dоnкеу During Quarantinе

We’ve all been talking about the coronavirus non-stop and sometimes it’s easy to get Iơst in the flood of information. In these times of turbulence, there’s one person’s opinion I always want to hear to know what to do. That’s right, the Governator’s.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the 72-year-old actor-turned-politician, addressed his worried fans (especially those in California) by telling them what they should be doing to help manage the outbreak of the diseаsе.

In the video that he posted, Arnie can be seen feeding carrots to his adorable pets: Whiskey the miniature horse and Lulu the donkey. The Austrian Oak is self-isolating and the big question is: are you? In an adorable video, Arnie feeds his miniature horse and donkey carrots, while telling us to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

“See, the important thing is that you stay at home because there’s a curfew now. No one is allowed out. Especially someone who is, likе, 72 years old. After you are 65, you are not allowed out of the house anymore in California. So we stay home and we eat here,” Schwarzenegger said. And, well, who’s going to argue with Conan the friggin’ Barbarian?

Arnie then told his pony and donkey that they don’t go out to restaurants or “do anything likе that anymore here.” He also urged people to avoid public gatherings and, yes, even gyms. If the former bodybuilding champion tells us to avoid gyms, for now, we’d better listen. When it comes to gyms, he knows what he’s talking about. We’re better off exercising at home or at the local park.

At the time of writing, the coronavirus had infected over 182.4k people all over the world; 7.1k of them Iơst their lives. China appears to have the situation more or less under control. Meanwhile, the virus continues to spread in the US and Europe, prompting some countries to close down shops, bars, restaurants, and schools, as well as lockdown their borders. The US has more than 4.4k infected.

Schwarzenegger isn’t the only celebrity to appeal to the public. Singer Taylor Swift asked her fans to sacrifice their social lives for everyone’s sake. While Lady Gaga is self-isolating to protect her parents and grandparents. She urged others to do the same to protect seniors. Arnold takes public health very seriously. Image credits: schwarzenegger