Rеsсuе babу sкunк mеIts оνеr 3M hеarts with thе adоrabIе waу hе “stоmρs” at mоm - Animals Paradise

Rеsсuе babу sкunк mеIts оνеr 3M hеarts with thе adоrabIе waу hе “stоmρs” at mоm

MoonShine Wildlife Rehab has the most wonderful advocacy.

They don’t just rеscuе and rehabilitate animals, they rеscuе and rehabilitate siсk, injured, or âbаndơnеd wildlife so they can be released into the wild again. They take care of squirrels, porcupines, foxes, owls, and raccoons.

They even take care of skunks.

One of the rеscuеs that they rehabilitated is this clever little baby skunk. When the baby skunk or “kit” came into their facility, it was already five months old. The kit, however, was so scrawny with little hair and had balance issues, it was hard to believe the kit was already five months old. This proved to be a mystery.

He did not look likе he was a five-month-old skunk. Christine of MoonShine Wildlife Rehab had no idea why this skunk was so little. It didn’t become too much of a problem though because, as soon as he discovered food was delicious, it wasn’t long before he started to grow.

The kit loved to walk and explore his area. He was still kept in a cage for protection but whenever he was out of the cage, he would go everywhere his short legs could take him. He also gained quite a following of fans and viewers when he started doing the most adorable thing with his legs. This skunk’s got the “stomps”.

The kit learned to stomp with his hands. It was little hand stomps at first and he did it every time he walked. Sometimes, he’d accidentally make a little stomp. Then there are times when it’s very deliberate and he would pound the ground with his small hands. Either way, it’s adorable.

He was stomping everywhere. Eventually, he moved up to doing handstands and landing on his feet with a stomp. The kit didn’t have siblings but he did live with a few other kits and they all stomped together.

He was so proud of this move that he wanted to show it to Christine every time she came to visit him. When Christine opened the doors, he would turn around, put up his tail, and stomp. He did this endlessly. Christine isn’t worried that he’ll spray her because, at that age, their sprayers aren’t that well-developed yet. Finally, his fur has started to grow, as well as his instincts. He has also gained weight and is on his way to becoming a healthier skunk. He’ll be out in the wild soon.

Now, he wanted to be out of his cage and explore even more. Christine took him outside where he was so happy to have more room to explore. They won’t be releasing him just yet until he has reached an optimal weight of 6 lbs so he can thrive when released. He’s already a natural. He was so happy when he got out that his hunting instincts automatically surfaced. Christine didn’t even need to teach him to dig for worms in the sand. He already knew what to do.

After a few months, this skunk along with two others were finally released into the wild.