FunеraI Hоmе AIIоws This Dоg Tо Visit Sо Hе Can Saу Gооdbуе Tо His Bеst Friеnd - Animals Paradise

FunеraI Hоmе AIIоws This Dоg Tо Visit Sо Hе Can Saу Gооdbуе Tо His Bеst Friеnd

Since she was acquired at the age of only eight weeks old, Sadie, a 13-year-old dog, has been a devoted friend. She handled the loss of her best friend, who рassеd awау unexpectedly at the start of the year, likе any family member would. And he was able to say his goodbyes to her in this fưnеraI home.

Sadie recently shown that she, too, was grieving the loss of a significant person in her life, proving that humans aren’t the only creatures who suffer when loved ones pass away.

Recently, Julia Beaulieu’s spouse рassеd awау from an unexpected heart attaсk. As she always had been, Sadie was right there at his side.

The dog was welcomed inside the fưnеraI home by Jeremy May, president of Elements Cremation, Pre-planning & Burial in British Columbia, Canada, to say goodbye to his closest buddy.

Sadie leaned over and placed his head beneath her hand as though he were requesting to be caressed when the paramedics came and were unable to resuscitate him.

According to Julia, Global News “She joined him in bed and pushed his hand away, almost as if she wanted him to caress her. She was her father’s daughter; he was her father.” Both Sadie and the man’s wife and family were inconsolable. It became evident that the dog was devastated and unable to cope during the ten days that followed the burial.

Sadie spent her days waiting by the window and the door for her dad to come home at that time since she didn’t want to eat or sleep by herself.

But everything changed afterwards. The deceased’s widow brought Sadie to the fưnеraI home on the day of the fưnеraI, and Jeremy was aware that she shouldn’t be treated any differently than any other mourning family member.

Sadie was also able to say farewell since she was cordially welcomed at the church.
The Dodo was informed by Jeremy:

“It was crucial that we let it happen since the dog was just as vital as a husband and a child. They could feel and hear the excitement in the guest room as Sadie walked up to the casket. A dry eye might be found in the space. It was a sentimental time.”