5 YеIIоwstоnе Aсtоrs Whо arе Cоwbоуs in RеaI Lifе - Animals Paradise

5 YеIIоwstоnе Aсtоrs Whо arе Cоwbоуs in RеaI Lifе

The popularity of the hit neo-western drama series Yellowstone (2018- ) is mainly down to its authentic portrayal of the ranching lifestyle.

The cowboys of Yellowstone are as rugged and hardy as their real-life counterparts, all thanks to show creator Taylor Sheridan’s extensive background in ranching. Not only did Sheridan teach all the actors how to ride, he even sent them to “cowboy camp” to live alongside actual cowboys. With the exception of Kelly Reilly, Forrie J. Smith, and Kevin Costner, all main actors rode up into the mountains to live off the land and learn what it takes to be a real cowboy. To further increase the authenticity of the show, Sheridan also cast a few real-life cowboys for recurring roles. Even though some of them had no previous acting experience, they all adjusted quickly and became core to the success of Yellowstone.

Forrie J. Smith (Lloyd Pierce)

Forrie J. Smith’s Journey to Stardom

Jake Ream (Jake)

Ryan Bingham (Walker)