GоriIIa tеndеrIу Iоокs aftеr nеwbоrn in thе mоst human-Iiке mannеr - Animals Paradise

GоriIIa tеndеrIу Iоокs aftеr nеwbоrn in thе mоst human-Iiке mannеr

There are some things that can’t be explained until you experience them firsthand.

Once such thing is motherhood. “No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love.” – Edwin H. Chapin

Every year, we read stories about the sacrifice, love, and devotion of our mothers. Who wouldn’t feel grateful to have a loving mother? When we talk about a mother’s love, we just don’t talk about human mothers. In the animal kingdom, we would be able to see equally amazing and loving mothers. A great example would be this video of a gorilla that takes care of her infant, similar to how we, humans, take care of ours.

Gorillas are amazing animals and are very similar to us. In fact, science backs this up. “The big picture is that we’re perhaps 98 percent identical in our sequences to gorillas. So that means most of our genes are very similar, or even identical to, the gorilla version of the same gene,” said Chris Tyler-Smith, a well-known geneticist at Wellcome Trust.

That being said, it’s not only in the physical form that we’re similar. Gorilla mothers are also known to exhibit human-likе traits when it comes to their children. Gorilla mothers have a strong bond with their babies. They take care of their children in their first few years, providing shelter, food, protection, and of course, love.

In documentaries or photos, we usually see Gorilla mothers carrying their infant child on their backs or against their chests, bringing them everywhere they go. Two years ago, a video garnered 14M views because of its beautiful and heartfelt content. The video was uploaded by Reproduction Live TV at the Smithsonian National Zoo located in Washington, DC.

It shows the video of Calaya, a western lowland gorilla. The short clip showed Calaya giving birth, unassisted, to her first offspring, a male. For all women that have already given birth, we all know how difficult it was, right? The pain of labor and the exhaustion that you feel afterward is unimaginable.