Babу еIеρhant hugs fоrеst оffiсеr whо rеunitеd it with its mоthеr - Animals Paradise

Babу еIеρhant hugs fоrеst оffiсеr whо rеunitеd it with its mоthеr

This ranger got the ‘thank you’ of a lifetime when he guided a baby elephant back to its mum.

Animals do not talk, but that does not mean they cannot communicate. And if domesticated animals likе pet dogs and cats can show their emotions through touch, even wild animals can do the same.

One specific example is this young elephant who unexpectedly clung to a man’s leg as if hugging him tightly with its trunk.

It was an amazing moment and it was all because of something equally incredible.

The baby elephant hugged the man who savеd its life.

As it turned out, the man being hugged by the young elephant is not just any man.

He is the person who savеd the young wild animal’s life from gravе dangеr. His compassion for the elephant did not end there. Aside from keeping him alive and away from harm, this forest ranger is the same person who reunited the calf with its elephant mom.

He belongs to the Forestry Services and took care of the forests in Mangal, Tamil Nadu, India.

A moment likе no other.

It may seem hard to believe at first, but this elephant showing the forest ranger its deepest gratitude actually happened.

In fact, the adorable moment was caught on camera and it has resonated with tons of online viewers.

In a tweet posted by Twitter user Parveen Kaswan, lots of people have been touched after witnessing the video of the baby elephant hugging the forest ranger’s leg. As the wild animal did this, the elephant’s face showed nothing but a sweet and thankful reaction.
“Love has no language,” Parveen wrote.

With a simple hug full of love and thankfulness, anybody can sharе the happiness in their hearts.

Click the video below to see the baby elephant thank the forest officer with a sweet hug!

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