Mama hоrsе whо Iоst babу mеIts hеarts ‘adоρting’ оrρhanеd fоaI - Animals Paradise

Mama hоrsе whо Iоst babу mеIts hеarts ‘adоρting’ оrρhanеd fоaI

Animals form strong bonds with their babies. They love them a lot, and they struggle if something happens to them.

That was the sad case with a horse mom in the Netherlands.

A photo has been circulating across social media, and it’s warming the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people. A photo, that once you hear the backstory, will bring tears to your eyes. “Two days ago, a group of people came together, working as a team… Saving a mare in labor but losing the foal… Today a group of people, working together, the same mare as two days ago, was introduced to a foal who had Iơst her mom…. This picture is taken an hour after the introduction…. It speaks for itself,” the Facebook caption reads.

The photo, taken by Dr. Patrick Brogan in the Netherlands, has been sharеd hundreds of thousands of times. It’s hard not to become overwhelmed with emotion with just a glance at the mother’s eyes – a mixture of pain, grief, and love.

The baby foal, later named ‘Listen Good,’ was raised by Zindita until she was weaned around 5-7 months old.

Had Zindita not taken Listen Good in, she would have been raised by humans, which, of course, is not ideal.

Dr. Brogan says that human-raised horses tend to have more health and behavioral problems than those not raised by other horses.

Thankfully, there was a happy ending for this loving mother and baby foal.

We’re so glad Zindita and Listen Good were able to meet and form the bond they needed to begin to heal. What a wonderful ending.