CоuρIе find fоaI оn thе brinк оf dеath with nо mоthеr in sight - Animals Paradise

CоuρIе find fоaI оn thе brinк оf dеath with nо mоthеr in sight

Those with a heart for animals can never turn their backs on those in need.

Whenever people we see animals or when people call us for help, we’d do our best to rеscuе them because we know every life is precious. More so when it comes to babies or young animals left without any maternal care and protection.

It crushes our hearts to see such innocent lives left to fend for themselves.

A couple got a call that a foal was âbаndơnеd on private property.

The couple drove down a rock quarry in Mingo after learning that a newly born foal was âbаndơnеd by its mother within the premises. Despite being injured, they didn’t let it hinder their mission to savе the poor baby.

They may be trespassing (technically), but they both knew they had to rеscuе the foal.

They saw that the property was vast, making the rеscuе more challenging.

With a vast and deserted area, it seemed impossible to look for one foal. Thankfully, people in the nearby community offered to help the couple search for the baby horse.

The woman eventually found the foal, but he looked weak and dehydrated.

They brought some corn syrup and water with them as first aid. They brought the young horse in their car and started giving him a bit of corn syrup.

You could tell he was hungry because he had been alone in that area for five hours and had no mother to nurse or feed him.